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You survived 162 days of Shermageddon!
9/9/2011 - 2/17/2012

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About was created by Michael and David Harpe, native sons of Louisville, Kentucky.

The weekend after the bridge closure on September 9th, we were chatting online and one of us (not sure who) compared it to the recent "carmageddon" in Los Angeles. Mike said, "Hah! Shermageddon!", and that was it. We didn't think anything more about it until...

...the following Monday before work, we were chatting online again and Mike said to Dave, "Hey, do you think we should do 'Shermageddon' tee shirts or something? Could be pretty funny..."

An hour later, the domains were registered, the logo created, the Zazzle site was set up, and was in business.

People seem to think we're making tons of money from this site. We're not. The markup from the schwag sales to date (9/20) has barely covered the domain registration fees and the hosting costs for a month. We've cleared less than the cost of doughnuts for ONE East End Bridge community meeting.

But we're really not doing it for the money. We're smart asses. We're doing it to make people laugh about a really sad situation. Along the way, a few people thought our site was funny (including one Rachel Maddow), who - after a three minute explanation of the problem - gave us a plug on her show (click here).

Best we can tell, we sold maybe five hats from the mention, but it did bring a lot of national attention to the "Shermageddon" problem. Maybe it helped prod some leaders into action. Who knows?

Are we making money on this? Sure. A little. But it's mainly just a lot of fun. We hope everyone is enjoying a laugh or two looking at some bumper stickers as you slug through Shermageddon.

Enjoy the site! More to come...

Mike & Dave

September 20th, 2011

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